Server Status Code and SEO

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When a web server provides a request to a web page a server status code is returned. Sometimes very ugly 404 pages you will see when you click a dead link. There are much more SEO and status codes present. Following are the list of status codes.

Code Name Description
200 OK The application was successful.
301 Moved Permanently The referring page, the link value to the receiving page.
302 Found The requested page is temporarily under a different URL. This use by white hat SEO rarely or never.
400 Bad Request The server did not understand the contract.
401 Unauthorized The visitor has no rights to view the page.
403 Forbidden The page is requested should not be viewed.
404 Not Found The server could not find the requested page.
500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an error.
501 Not Implemented The server, the application does not comply.

301: When using a 301

We use a 301 redirect when a page is moved to another location. A typical case is that all pages on http://site redirect to With a 301 redirect Google knows that it must remove the old page from the index. Google also knows that the existing links to the old location must be taken to the new location.

302: Page hijacking

By a 302 means a hacker takes over web pages from other sites. This is strange, but it is exactly what happens. The Googlebot indexes a page on a website. Then all links on that page in a database stopped. Some time later another Googlebot detects that database and opens it for the URLs. One of these URLs, however, shows a 302 redirect to a page on a different site. Googlebot thinks this page is temporary and will move the contents of the page where the bot is going reconstructed, directly save the URL of the page where the redirect was on. In this way there is content stolen from a competitor.

Google will find that the same content at two URLs is available and the duplicate content filter will ensure that the page remains. Often this is the wrong page. So in this way you not only steal the content from another site, but you steal his SERP positions. Unfortunately, the party robbed is nothing here to do. This problem is so great that a few years ago the website Google jacking is set up to Google to make clear how big this problem. I must add that the 302 page hijacking problem now seems to be solved.

304: Status changed

As Google increasingly must crawl, Google sends out one request to a web page with the question of whether the page changed since the last time the bot has been through. If so, the server will return a 304 status code, or “status changed”. However, there is no new content, the 304 is not issued and the bot will not come. In other words: Make sure there is always a 304 is given if necessary.

404: separation of 404 errors

If the Web server returns a code other than 200, 301 or 302, this can cause problems for the indexation of the page. A concrete example is a CMS with pages removed. Often links to this page are still in the Google cache pages that no longer exist. If the Google bot follows the link then a 404 error is given. If Google see many of these 404 errors in your site, it will mean that Google will see your site as not too neatly constructed, resulting in lower rankings.

There are two ways to resolve the situation. Of course you can custom a 200 status code. The other option is that you removed the pages from a 301 redirect to an existing or related page.

404/410: Removing ads, etc.
410 indicate that something is permanently deleted. 404 indicate not that. For e.g. ads removed after a period of time from a site. It is better to use a 410 than a 404. On the other hand, Google treats a 404 and 410 similar, but strictly speaking, a 410 is better.

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  1. CleverFoxes says:

    Thanks For The Codes.Very well Written.Though some of these are mainly used By Blackhatters.But,Whitehat is The Best,.

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  2. B. Jack says:

    I also a seo executive. I face this type of error many times. But i can’t understand the meaning or these error. Now I clear all. Thanks for the codes.

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