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What is Pagerank

Pagerank is one of the major factors in determining the importance of a web page. This is also one of the important aspects of SEO. Pagerank is the name of the algorithm Google uses by which the value of a page is calculated. Pagerank is based on a kind of democratic rule someone links to a web page or reviewed by Google as a vote for that page view.

That is not democratic vote (left) is not always the same value. A link from a page which is a high Pagerank it is worth more than a link to a page with low PageRank. There is a link to a page with only one or two links more valuable than a link to a page with many links.

Page Rank Algorithm

Though the exact Pagerank algorithm is not known to public but the initial algorithm which was published by Larry Page is well known. The original formula is described below

PR (A) = 1 – d + d (PR (B) / L (B) + PR (C) / L(C) + PR (D) / L (D) + …

The components of this formula are:

•PR (A) – It is the Pagerank of the page which is being calculated

•d – Damping Factor

•PR (B) PR (C) etc – The Pagerank of the pages linking to page A

•B) L (C) etc – The number of outbound links on the pages B C etc.

The formula you see now how the Pagerank of a page depends on the Pagerank of the page where linked and the number of links on that page. If only the part between the brackets you can view the following calculation: Suppose A page has a link from page B. Page B has a Pagerank of 5 and 4 outgoing links. The Pagerank which B passes to A is 1.25

The damping factor

d The calculation is a damping factor it is in the calculation because the chance that a visitor leaves a page via a link. Standard Google claimed 15% chance that a visitor would leave the page via a link which means that the damping factor 0.85 remains. In the above example page A than a pagerank of 1 to 0.85 + 0.85 (5 / 4) = 1.2125 given.

How often the page rank is updated

One of the most frequently asked questions is still: Why does my site not Pagerank? That answer is quite simple: He does but he Pagerank is not updated for example the Google Toolbar is not real-time. Calculating the correct Pagerank to the right page is a continuous process but only once per period (usually 3 months) the visible Pagerank upgraded. In addition Google also takes a minimum period for the score of a page to calculate finally all links are analyzed. As a rule you can say that up to 4 ½ month before your Pagerank to a page to see.

More Links doesn’t guarantee higher page rank

This is also a frequently asked question; fortunately the answer is very simple. The easiest way is to think the web in small view. Set the Internet in only 10 pages in which links are attached. You will see that they all have a PageRank of 0 in the first time Pagerank calculation finally does not have a single page Pagerank and therefore they can not pass. There is a value needed to calculate the process gain.

Google itself says that: The sum of all Pagerank will be one. If in the above example none of the 10 pages to display links each page a Pagerank of 1 / 10 this is the entertainment value (initial value). Then the calculation can begin to calculate the actual Pagerank.

What is my Pagerank goes down

As I already said Pagerank as we see (a number between 0 and 10) not the actual Pagerank. Since “The sum of all Pagerank will be one” the actual Pagerank is a number between 0 and 1. Somewhere in the equation the score will be divided by the number of familiar Google Web pages.

That divided by the number of web pages is the reason that Pagerank can go down while the number is left unchanged or even increased. You can only increase as the number of links to your website is growing faster than the number of pages as Google is known.

No more links for my Pagerank

Unfortunately it is not so easy. A page with no outgoing links is seen as a dead-end on the web. A user has only one choice and that is another way to find a new webpage. In this case it is not possible to calculate where a visitor then goes and sees Google as this to any other website linked. In practice this means that a page without links so even more will lose value (and therefore less will score).

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  1. Dharmendra says:

    If increasing number of backlinks in not so important,then why the big seo firm use link building service.

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  2. Markus says:

    Because of Domainpopularity. ;-)

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