How to generate SEO Report for your website?

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Generating an effective SEO Report is one of the most vital part of whole SEO process. Before you start Search Engine Optimization you need to have a full report prepared for your website. You also keep in mind which reports you would like to generate.

Title Tag Report

Title tag is important not only from SEO perspective but also from readability aspect. Title tag tells us all about your web page. A page title is like a human name and provides us much valuable information about the web page. It is vital to know that the tile for each page should be different and shall be coherent with that page content only. The title tag is enclosed in title tag

< title >SEO Report< /title >

There are no fixed guidelines for the number of keywords which you can include but obviously you should not end up in over utilizing this feature which can jeopardize your SERPS position.

Meta tag Description Report

Description meta tag is brief details about the page and it shall be kept brief. An example of description meta tag.

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Body Text

All the content between tags constitutes the body of any web page. This is the place where all of your main body contents are. It is noteworthy to remember that the search engine robots do not see the page in same way as human eyes see. They read the page in an order. So the order of body text is also important and you should take care of it. A good SEO report shall generate the body contents and should provide a description of it.

H1 tag

Some of search engines give importance to H1 tags so you should insert H1 tag which can be the main keyword of that page also the placement of the H1 tag is important.

H2 tag

Though optional you should also check for the existence of H2 tag in the page Body.

H3-H5 tags

I would not recommend to use H3-H5 tags as they do not offer any value addition and instead you are forced to use these tags instead of normal tags which are easy to work with.


Though optional but choosing the URL for your website should be considered with utmost importance. If you gave already have your URL registered then you can do nothing about it. But if you are still thinking of a suitable URL then keeps it matching with your website’s main keywords.

To sum up a complete SEO report shall consist of followings

  • Title tag Analysis
  • Keyword Density Report
  • Keyword Meta tag Report
  • Description Meta tag Report
  • Body Text Report
  • In page Link Report
  • Link Popularity Report
  • Outbound Link Report
  • IMG ALT Attribute Report
  • Top 1o inbound Link Optimizer Report
  • Keyword Density Report
  • Keyword Prominence Report
  • Page Rank Report
  • Anchor Text Report
  • Comprehensive Summary
  • Suggestions for Optimization

Tools for generating SEO Report

There are many useful SEO Report generating tools most of them are commercial but you can also find a lot of free tools which could be very useful.

I’ll discuss some of the useful commercial SEO tools which I’ve used and find useful.

Internet Business Promoter

IBP is a very nice tool which I’ve been using since long time. The best feature in this tool is that it generates all the above mentioned report in one document which you can download in .pdf or .doc and¬†analyze¬†easily.

It also provides recommendations based on the report generated.

Download Internet Business Promoter Tool for Free


Web CEO is another SEO tool which I’ve used quite often. It generates various SEO Reports, ranking reports and also provides other useful SEO features such as keyword analysis.

Download Web CEO Free

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