Rakeback and poker bonuses

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We come across the term ‘rake’ quite often while playing poker or learning it. Have you ever wondered what it is? Rake refers to a small amount of money taken away by the poker room after every game as a part of the profit or the promotions they are doing. The rakes though small for each game can add up to a substantial amount at the end of each day considering thousands of hands played each day in a poker room. In fact one player contributes thousands of dollars each month to the rake.

When Poker Sites give poker bonuses they take out money from the rake to pay the bonus. To get a part of the rake you have to sign up with a poker room. These poker rooms give sign up poker bonuses to attract new players. You have to make a deposit to get these bonuses. Some poker room will give you 25% or even less from the rake as a poker bonus. Generally the bonuses are made up of 50% to 75% of the raked amount by the player and this leaves a small amount for the poker room as profit.

Another type of free cash given by the poker rooms is called ‘rakeback’. It depends from poker room to poker room as to how much they will give as rakeback but general amount is some where near 25%. Some poker sites of course give even more. The rakeback amount that you get depends on the rake that you pay. For example if you have paid $1000 in the rake you will get $250 back as 25% of $1000 is $250. Whether you are playing higher limits or lower limits you can get back a good amount every month as you pay a large sum of money to the poker room.

As Rakeback is a good way to expand your bankroll, you must find a poker room which gives good rakeback deals. It is maintained that Poker Bonus will get you back more money than rakeback. Where as the poker rooms give 25% in rakeback, they give 75% in poker sign up bonus. In a game of Texas Holdem Poker you may get a Rakeback of $100 for playing $400 in 5000 hands. Whereas if you put up $400 as the registration amount with a poker room you will get $300 as a 75% poker bonus deal. It is wise to play multiple poker rooms for poker bonus and afterward you can play for rakeback.

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