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The introduction of mobile phone has made communication so easy and it helps the people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives, wherever they go irrespective of the country. With the increasing number of people using mobile phones reputed mobile phone manufacturers are introducing different models of mobile phones to suit the need of every consumer.

Music ringtones are a newer version of ringtones. It contains either entire song with music or actual pieces of music backed by lyrics. Most mobile phone manufacturers include even voice ringtones along with music on their new versions of mobile phones. Most of the Mobile phone users love to very often change the ringtones of their mobile, but before doing so they should make sure to check the compatibility of the ringtone before buying one. Music ringtones are commonly coming in WAV, AMR, MP3 or WMA format.

MP3 is a very compact format, which denotes pulse-code modulated (PCM) audio data in smaller size by removing some portions that are less important to the human ear. Nowadays, MPEG-4 formats are being used in mobile phones. MPEG-4 format includes Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) which increases the clarity of the music ringtone.

Music ringtones play an important role in the music industry. When a mobile phone rings the owner of the mobile phone

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