An Entertaining Ringtone

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An influx of mobile phones in the market has made them accessible to different walks of people across the globe. You will find that almost every person you come across today is carrying a cell phone.

Mobile phones were originally introduced as a utility product that came in handy when you needed to get in touch with someone urgently while you were out and away from a landline connection. But today they have become a piece of entertainment too. One of the many intricacies that form a part of the intriguing technology is the various ringtones that come along with your cell phone. All the top mobile phone companies have their set ringtones but as they are the same for all models, they tend to get monotonous and boring.

Today, mobile phones come with customizable settings wherein you can assign a particular ringtone to a specific number from your phone book and you can continue to do so to all the other numbers stored on your mobile phone. This makes it easy for you to decipher who the call is from. However, like everything else people enjoy making changes and modifying what is available to them.

Similarly with ring tones, new ones are preferred every day and with everyone having a different liking, the ring tone mania has grown enormously, boosting an industry that is reaping millions of dollars from the business. Getting both paid as well as free ring tones has become a wild craze among people today.

The latest in trend are the polyphonic ring tones that can play 16 notes at the same time. Not all cell phones have the capability of playing polyphonic ring tones but all the advanced higher-priced models come with this facility. As the monotone ring provided by mobile phone companies does not appeal to most people today, more and more people are going in for mobile phones with polyphonic ring tone capability.

Most commonly used ring tones are the music ring tones that are available through your phone network operators for a fee or via a download from the Internet. Also available are free downloads from various websites. But be weary of free download offers because not all of them can be genuine and may carry viruses along. Be careful when you download ringtones by ensuring that it is from a reliable source.

Therefore apart from being a signal to an oncoming phone call, ringtones have become a source of entertainment and joy. Each person tries to have an individual ring tone that will set him or her apart from the others. Besides which it also becomes easy to identify your phone ringing if you are seated with several other people.

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