Benefits of Language study in England

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The demands of globalization mean that business is conducted in more than just the native language of an employee. Flexibility in one’s career is mainly achieved by learning as many skills as possible and language skills are among the most important today. Becoming fluent in a foreign language can only be achieved by immersing oneself in that country’s language, and intensive language training is the proven way of achieving the best results.

As long as one is merely “translating in one’s head” when one answers a question the teacher at home is asking, one is simply an intermediate speaker. At the advanced or fluency level, however, the speaker of a foreign language is no longer translating in their head – he or she is thinking in the other language. The jump from being an advanced speaker to a fluent one is huge and can only be achieved by a large amount of practice and by getting used to the different accents and idioms used in everyday speech. This cannot be learned out of a book or from an online program.

The benefit of Language study in England is that during the five hours of tuition per day a student learns the grammar and the formal “Queen’s English”, but when the student leaves the classroom, there are all the different accents of the host family to negotiate and the dialect or accent of the shopkeeper or the new British friend to be explored. Books and even online programs cannot convey this – only by studying a foreign language in the actual country of origin can one get a feel for the culture of a country.

Language study in England can be part of university studies or can be conducted at independent schools throughout the country. Course length varies and many students choose to try out a couple for weeks during their summer vacation first, before returning for a second time for a longer course. Fluency in English opens up many doors with future employers across the globe and the expense of a language course will soon pay off with a higher salary, and better career prospects. Independent schools also offer other European language courses at their campus.

On Séjour linguistique Angleterre portal you can find useful information on where to study language courses in England. This is a French language portal and could be very useful for French students who are looking forward for studying language in England.

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